Recommended Virus & Malware Software

The following software packages are being recommended by Kentucky Wimax for the purposes of removing and preventing virus and malware infections. Kentucky Wimax does not provide support for these programs. Virus and Malware infections can be very difficult to remove and Kentucky Wimax recommends that you only attempt to use the below software programs if you feel you have sufficent technical knowledge to do so. Some virus and malware programs actively fight anti-virus or malware removal software and these programs could cause your computer to stop working.

If you acknowledge the above conditions and would still like to view the list of software programs Kentucky Wimax’s technicians have had a positive experience with, please read below.

Virus Removal / Malware Removal

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware –

  • MalwareBytes has a free version which provides malware and virus detection and removal. The paid version offers more real-time protection and automatic updates, but the free version is part of our tech’s staff “must have” list of free anti-malware and anti-virus software.

Avast! Antivirus –

  • Avast! Antivirus has a free version (Free Antivirus) which provides malware and virus detection and removal, browser cleanup and network security software. The paid version, Avast! Internet Security and Avast! Premier, offer firewall and anti-spam and anti-hijacking features. Our tech staff put this on the short list of recommended anti-virus programs to install.

Panda Cloud Antivirus –

  •  Panda Cloud Antivirus free edition includes a real-time, cloud-based, virus and malware scanner. Panda includes in the free version a web address safety filter and a behavior-based analysis to detect suspicious program behavior. The paid version offers a firewall, virtual keyboard, and enhanced public wi-fi protections. Panda may be a strange name for a product but it’s a name our tech staff often recommends.

HitmanPro –

  • HitmanPro is a malware and virus scanner designed to give you a second opinion to verify your PC isn’t infected. A second opinion can be helpful because not all virus scanners detect all viruses and using a second program to verify your system is clean greatly increases your chances of not missing anything. The paid version offers the ability to remove any infections while the free version simply scans and notifies you of anything malicious on your computer.

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